The report contains verbatim responses, statistical evidence, customer narratives and case examples. The report is written from the perspective of the individual and illustrates real experiences. It looks at what people feel is their current experience and what they would like it to be. From this, conclusions and recommendations have been drawn for the aviation industry to consider.

In total, the views of 534 disabled people were gathered between February 2015 and November 2015. The report was compiled in January 2016.

The purpose of this report is to stimulate debate with all airline stakeholders. It contains a number of recommendations that we believe would improve the overall customer experience. Some of the issues highlighted and recommendations made are not totally within the delivery remit of OCS but will require a new focus from the whole industry working collaboratively to improve certain aspects of the customer’s journey.

This report is published as an interim report to enable further consultation and feedback on the proposed recommendations.

Next Steps:

OCS proposes to help convene an industry-wide debate to explore further the ideas presented in this report. This report will be shared widely with key stakeholders with a view to testing the recommendations and exploring how we can improve the experiences of disabled passengers.